Getting Started

A service in Sliplane is a container with specific configuration. A service might be a website, a backend API, a recurring job, or anything else you want to run on your server.

Creating a service

To create a new service, select a project first and then click "Deploy new Service". At the moment we support two deploy sources, deploying from a repository or deploying images directly from Docker Hub.

Github Repository

To begin with, make sure you have granted Sliplane access to your Github account. You can do this by clicking "Configure repository access". Select the Github repository that you want to deploy. You can add additional configuration like the branch that should be deployed, the location of your Dockerfile and specify the context for your Docker build.

Docker Hub

You can also deploy public Docker images directly from Docker Hub. Just search for the image that you want to deploy and specify the image tag.

Expose service

If your service should be available on the internet, you need to activiate the "Expose Service" toggle. You can select between HTTP, TCP and UDP services, depending on what protocol your service uses to communicate.

For HTTP services we validate that your service is alive and happy through regular HTTP GET healthchecks on the route that you provide. For example, if you add /, we will check at http://localhost:PORT/. If you add /health, we will check at http://localhost:PORT/health. If you don't add a health check, we will use / as default.

If you do not expose the service, it will be accessible for other services on the same server through the internal host domain that you can find in the service settings.


Select the Server that you want to deploy on. Pick whatever is appropriate for your expected load. Multiple services can be deployed to one single server.

Environment Variables

Optionally, you can add environment variables that will be available to your service. For example, you might want to add a DATABASE_URL environment variable that contains the connection string to your database. For more information see Environment Variables.


If your application relies on data that needs to persist between deploys you can attach a volume to your service. Specify an absolute path inside your container to a data folder that should persist.

Service Name

Enter a name for your service. The default is your repository name. Your subdomain will be your-service-name.sliplane.app if available.

If you have any questions or need assistance in setting up your service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help!

Getting started