Volumes are a way to persist data from your services. Simply speaking, volumes are folders that get mirrored from inside your container, to a folder on the host server.

If you are not familiar with the concept, please check out the official Docker docs on volumes first.

Go to the server overview page and select a server to get to the Server Settings page. From there, select the Volumes tab.

Adding Volumes

Adding a Volume is as simple as clicking on the Add Volumes button, and specifying a name for it. The volume will then show up in the volumes list on the page.

You can later attach this volume to any of your existing services on this server or reference it when deploying a new service.

Multiple services can share the same volume.

Editing Volumes

Click on the volume that you want to edit. Next click on the three dot menu on the top right of the volume details card next to the volume name and select Edit. You can then modify the volumes name.

Deleting Volumes

Same procedure as editing, select the volume first, then select Delete from the three dot menu on top right of the volume details card.

In order to delete a volume, you need to detach all services, that are linked to it first.

Take note, that all data inside the volume will be lost forever if you choose to delete a volume, so be careful not to accidentally delete any data, that you might need later on.

Volume Backups

Volume backups are only available on "Production" servers (see server plans). They are enabled by default for every volume on the server and will be done on a daily schedule.

Restoring a Backup

To restore a volume backup click on the restore button next to the backup name. Depending on your backup size, this process might take a while. You can come back anytime to check the restore status.

When the restore is done, a new volume will be created with the contents of the backup. To finish the process, you need to manually detach your old volume from your service and attach the new one.