Volumes are a way to persist data from your services. Simply speaking, volumes are folders that get mirrored from inside your container, to a folder on the host server.

If you are not familiar with the concept, please check out the official Docker docs on volumes first.

Attach a Volume

Click on Attach a Volume and select a volume from the dropdown list of all volumes on the server. Multiple services can use the same volume to store data.

If you select a volume from the list, you will be promted to provide a path to a folder inside your container, that will be mirrored.

Important: The mount path is relative to the root directory of your container. It might be different than the path inside your app. For example if your Dockerfile contains instructions to create a work directory, it's important that you include this workdirectory in the path. The path needs to end with the folder name.

You can also click on Create new Volume inside the volumes dropdown menu, in order to create a new volume on the server. In that case, also specify a name for the volume alongside the mount path.

Detach a Volume

To detach a volume, simply select the volume and hit Detach on the top right next to the volume name. This will disconnect your service from the volume, but the volume and it's data will remain on the server until you delete it.

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